Lab Handson: Cloud – Build a Microservices System with Bluemix

Saturday, 21st of November  – 14:10 to 16:00 pm

Roberto Pozzi, Luca Della Giovanna

WARNING: seats are limited, booking is recommended. REGISTER NOW!
The outcome of Microservices represents an important evolution of modern software architectures in relations to traditional monolithic applications. Come with us and code a Microservices system based on IBM Bluemix, in a very simple way using technologies such as Node.js, Nginx, Redis e Facebook OAuth2, managing the code entirely from the browser thanks to IBM DevOps Services.

You will be able to finally get in touch with Bluemix – IBM Platform as a Service, and discover how it works actually.

To get the most from this experience, you simply need  a free account per IBM Bluemix

How to participate:
Bring a laptop with you. Install this simple plug-in and download the documentation of the first and the second lab.

Don’t forget to register on IBM Bluemix platform, that you will be able to use for free for 30 days!

Language: English

Level: Beginner

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