Carlo Bonamico

DATE: Thursday the 19th of November As developers, we often feel that we are always asked for more: more features, more bugfixes, more code to get our application done, faster. In the workshop you’ll learn first hand how applying Clean Code and Design Principles will help you complete solid & maintainable applications in less time. Take a…


Roberto Bentivoglio

DATE: Thursday the 19th of November Attendees will learn to program using the actor model, the main and key concepts expressed in the Reactive Manifesto and how create such applications with Akka toolkit using Scala programming language. Take a look to the Special Packages: – “1 Workshop + Conference Ticket”: we offer 15% DISCOUNT on the total price! – “2 Workshops + Conference…


Luca Marchetti

DATE: Thursday the 19th of November We’ll try to build a game which uses VR and is not an FPS. First Person games are the most common games in VR. Making a different kind of game, where the user is basically an observer instead of the main actor is a rather interesting challenge. Take a look to the Special…


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