Lis Pardi


No one knows that the floppy disk means save. At least, that's what the campus librarian insisted when she reviewed the website I worked on for her university. I had done research on just this issue, proving that over 100 college students could identify what the floppy disk meant, and though I beamed with excitement as I showed her this, it wasn't enough. New students are always coming in, she said, much younger than the ones I polled. So I went back and surveyed 526 high schoolers to find out definitively: Do teenagers understand the outdated tech in our icons? The survey says yes.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Lis Pardi

Lead Experience Designer - Digitas Health

Lis is an information architect, usability researcher, and experience designer at Digitas Health. She has an MS in Library and Information Science from Simmons College and has worked on interfaces for health care, games, retailers, and research databases. She lives in Philadelphia, where she is chair of PhillyCHI. You can find her on twitter @LisPardi.

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