Michael Boeke


The technology industry is on a quest to build frictionless, seemingly magical, experiences for our users. In the effort to design the simplest experiences possible, we exploit troves of personal data, and make important choices for our users. Unfortunately, simplicity is often at odds with transparency. If we don’t tread carefully, we can obscure critical context from users, and our magical experiences can start to feel creepy. So how do we build trust directly into the UX of our products?

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Michael Boeke

VP of Product and Co-founder - Synap

Michael Boeke is a product designer, startup veteran, and speaker. He is the co-founder of Synap, which is changing the way business manage their customer relationships. He focuses on applying a designer's approach and current technology to shake-up traditional (boring) industries. Before Synap, Michael worked on products at online payments company Braintree (acquired by PayPal). Prior to that, he launched the first SaaS CRM platform for hedge funds at Backstop, and designed the CarePages social support platform for hospital patients.

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