Ioana Serban


TestOps is the reclusive member of the DevOps family. Although we’ve heard stories, most of us have never seen it in the wild. I’ve turned to my personal experience to search for clues about what TestOps is. Join me on an adventure as we explore the things that happen when the worlds of testing and operations collide, with real-life stories about choosing an AWS architecture, tackling an environment migration and mitigating a DOS attack. Finally, we’ll dare to look into the future at what can happen when applying a TestOps mentality to our job and what regular teams can do to get there.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Ioana Serban

Software Engineer in Test - eBay

Currently working for eBay as a Software Engineer in Test and Adobe before that. With a strong leaning towards the more technical side of testing, she’s interested in learning all aspects of the craft and is a big fan of challenging assumptions of what a tester is or isn’t “supposed” to do.

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