Adam Klein


Testing client-side Javascript has never been more important, However, Client-side developers are not used to writing tests, and are somewhat afraid of it. In this talk, I'll focus on the tools and best practices for writing client-side tests. The examples are based on AngularJS, but the concepts are generic Topics: - Short intro to Jasmine & Karma - How to write your tests using ES6 - Structuring the tests for ease of writing and maintaining - Mocks done right - More cool tips and useful tools, like saucelabs / browserstack

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Adam Klein

CTO - 500Tech

Adam is the CTO of 500Tech. He is a frontend developer by day, open sourcerer by night (ng2-tree, ng2-mobx). He used to be an international salsa dancer and choreographer, but still finds speaking about code more exciting than dancing in front of an audience. Adam is very involved in the community, and is part of the organizers of the Angular & React meetups and conferences in Israel.

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