James Higgs


Software engineering practices have matured tremendously in recent years, but too often they are applied thoughtlessly and without a true understanding of why or when they might be applicable. Frequently, engineers will debate the "best" or "correct" way to do things without wider reference to the problem at hand. In this talk I will show how a pragmatic approach to quality is required if we are to truly make digital products that matter.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

James Higgs

Technology Director - ustwo

I am a Technology Director with professional experience starting well before the internet age. I have worked with a huge range of technologies and in industries as diverse as meat processing and advertising. For well over a decade I have worked in digital agencies, over which time I have adopted and evangelised Agile methodologies and modern engineering practices. Today I am Technology Director at ustwo London, a digital product studio that works with companies to conceive, build and deliver outstanding digital products.

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