Adam Klein on “JS tests like a PRO”

Only 3 weeks to Codemotion Milan 2015!!!

It’s Adam Klein turn this time: he is going to give a talk, “JS tests like a PRO, on Friday the 20th.

Been programming since an early age, Adam was always a tech savvy. He started 500Tech a few years back, a web consulting company, and been using and advocating state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies ever since, like AngularJS and Ruby on Rails. Adam has worked with various companies, starting from small startups to large enterprises. He has spoken in various conferences & meet-ups about coding best practices, testing, new frameworks, saving money in development, and various other subjects. He also taught courses in Ruby on Rails, and Client-Side Development.


Hi Adam, could you give us a quick introduction to your talk?

The talk is based on techniques and methodologies I’ve learned by writing tests for client side apps in many different projects. My idea is to focus on the things you learn from experience, not teach you a library API you can learn on google.

Nowadays it seems that writing tests has become a common practice on the backend side but not on the client-side, what are the reasons behind that?

I believe it’s mainly culture. Teams and developers that have the culture to write tests and understand their importance go the extra mile to put up a solid testing infrastructure.
Up until just recently it was hard and impractical to test client-side, as there were no clear separation of concerns in the code, and it hardly contained any business logic.

Javascript is the most used language in the world and it’s the only alternative on the browser.
Do you see any alternatives coming up in the next 5 years?

Now that ES6 is a standard, and the world is going towards a build process that involves transpilation of the code, I think the emerging alternatives will fade away. I really like the process JS is going through and excited that we can finally use classes, modules, and other concepts in a standard language specification.

We are expecting to draw about 2000 people at Codemotion Milan, what’s your feeling about it?


Is there any book you would suggest related?

I’m not a books’ guy :) I’ve heard great things about “ng-book” and “write you own Angular”.

Who is/are your tech heroes?

I don’t really have heroes. There are many talks I like and can appreciate the speakers, and also developers I’ve had the chance to work with. From all these I aspire to learn and take the best of them.

DHH, Ben Orenstein, Joe Stein, Misko and Igor, Yehuda Katz, and from Israel Uri Shaked, Nir Kaufman, Shai Reznik, Shay Yalin, and more.

What’s your current music album on repeat?

Arctic monkeys

If you could improve one thing in tech conferences, what would it be?

More off-topic talks about geeky stuff, and available games like pingpong table, card / table games, etc.

Thanks a lot Adam, see you at Codemotion Milan 2015!

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Adam Klein

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